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The Rediscovered Photos :: Frida Kahlo

During my visit to Rome I had the rare opportunity to see Frida Kahlo photo archive containing private photos, photos from anonymous photographer and photos from the archive of Nickolas Muray, a Hungarian born American portrait photographer, who had love affair with the most famous Mexican female artist.

Exhibiton :: The Hereros by Sérgio Guerra

During our trip to Tuscany, Italy with my wife, we cannot miss visiting Florence. Besides the must do things in Florence we visited one really good and free photo exhibition in the center of Florence named “The Hereros” by Sérgio Guerra, a Brazilian photographer.

Botswana :: Bahurutshe Cultural Village

Located about 35 minutes from downtown Gaborone in the heart of the hills of Mmankgodi, well known for their beauty and concentration of rocky and forest lands. The Bahurutshe celebrates the Bahurutshe tribe’s culture.

Bahurutshe Cultural Village